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2008 Annual Gothic Cruise & Masquerade Ball #13
Home of the Original Gothic Cruise!
Combichrist, Red Flag, and Deepest Symphony

Whos Playing: Combichrist, Deepest Symphony, Red Flag
When: October 11 2008 - 7 Nights
From: Pt Canaveral, Florida, on the Carnival Glory
(Fly into Orlando)
Addtional: Ronan Harris of VNV Nation to DJ!

This is NOT an all ages events. You must be at least 18 years of age to attend events.
Please see our age restrictions page.


This cruise also includes bottled water!

Carnival to offer special Gothic Cruise Spa Packages! You read it right! Carnival will offer discounted Spa Packages for goth cruisers only. These will be available for reserving before you even get on the ship on or about May 1st 2008.


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All events are exclusive through All Genre Travel. You cannot book them through the cruise line or another travel agent. If you book the cruise portion through the cruise line or another agent, you will be denied entrance to all of the private onboard events, including the concert, autograph session, masquerade ball, etc.

Brief History - This is the first and original gothic cruise founded in 1989. The Annual Gothic Cruise and Masquerade Ball remains a unique event taking place yearly to semi yearly. The first goth cruise, started under the name Travelwaves Intl LLC, which is now known as All Genre Travel, and booking under Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representive. Our goth cruise remains unique and unrivaled as the first and original goth cruise. The first goth cruise sailed on The Big Red Boat by Premier Cruise Lines in 1989 and has continued to grow with each sailing. In 2007 the gothic cruise sailed with it's first live band VNV Nation on the Carnival Glory. All previous cruises and references were verified by Carnival Large Groups and Incentivies before such a vast undertaking could be started. Due the fantastic success of this cruise, Carnival Invited us back with increased concessions!

The Carnival Glory

CombichristMy Space

Passport Requirements This cruise will require a valid passport.

Deepest Symphony My Space

Pre and Post Cruise Party Information We are still working on which hotel will host the pre and post cruise parties in Tampa.

Red Flag .My space

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