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Annual Gothic Cruise & Masquerade Ball

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VNV Nation & The Gothic Cruise
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2007 Goth Cruise With VNV Nation - Live
VNV Nation to record an EXCLUSIVE Goth Cruise CD Compilation!!! Available ONLY to those who book on the goth cruise!

The 2007 Annual Gothic Cruise and Masquerade Ball will host VNV Nation. The next goth cruise will sail out of Pt Canaveral Florida, on October 6 2007 for a 7 night Western Caribbean Cruise on the Carnival Glory . This will be the 12th gothic cruise in 16 years.

This event is EXCLUSIVE through All Genre Travel. You cannot book this through the cruise line. You must book through All Genre Travel to participate in any of the noted gothic events, VNV Nation concert, or to receive the EXCLUSIVE CD from VNV Nation. If you book through the cruise line, you will be denied entrance to all events, the concert, Club Goth at Sea, fashion show, autograph session, etc.

carnival glory

Our 2007 goth cruise will feature live performances by VNV Nation who will be onboard the ship during the 7 night Caribbean sailing. The gothic cruise will also feature a gothic fashion show, gothic art auction, and the Masquerade Ball, the signature event on all of the previous cruises. All guests attending the Annual Gothic Cruise and Masquerade Ball, will also receive a new VNV Nation CD and a gauranteed in person autograph. Please note this is not an all ages show! You must be 18 or over to attend the concert and most activities. Please click on the Age & Minior Restrctions for more information on the age guidelines of the Annual Gothic Cruise and Masquerade Ball.

DEPOSITS STARTING AT 250.00 PER PERSON! - This years cruise does NOT require a passport for US Citizens. . If you do not have a passport, you will need a certified copy of your state issued birth certificate with valid government issued photo i.d.
For detailed information, pricing, and inclusions, please click on the VNV Nation sidebar link.

You can now view our message board on Vampire Rave. FOR NEW PASSPORT INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS CRUISE, PLEASE CLICK HERE! - This years cruise does NOT require a passport for US Citizens. . If you do not have a passport, you will need a certified copy of your state issued birth certificate with valid government issued photo i.d.




International Residents - Yes You Can Book!!
If you live overseas, and you want to book. No problem. It is easier if you book via email. ( ) There are international airfares starting at 860.00 per person currently (from London), roundtrip. You will probably find better airfare on your own. You do need a valid passport and multiple USA reentry visa. International travelers should plan to arrive one day early, October 5th. (to avoid any possible delays that could cause you to miss the vessal's departure time).

Passport Requirements US Residents do not need a passport.
Please click here for updated passport information:

But I'm Not Gothic?! Even if your not gothic, you will find plenty to do outside of the concerts and events onboard the ship and in the ports of call. Please click on ship information, or Itinerary for more!

I have Children that I just have to Bring! The cruise lines offer babysitting onboard, as well as FREE childrens programs. Please click on the age restrictions link. Most of these services can be provided free, or for a small charge. Most of the gothic events are not appropriate for children. This will not be an all ages show by VNV Nation.

Sailing Date October 6th 2007. Sailing 7 Nights from Pt Canaveral Florida. Those passengers booking airflights, would fly into Orlando, Florida.

Optional 1 night pre and post cruise parties are available.

Can I book directly with the cruise line? No. All bookings for the goth cruise with VNV Nation must come through All Genre Travel. If you book directly through the cruise line, you will not be allowed to attend the concerts, get an autograph, attend the events, etc.

How can I talk to others who are going? . Easy!! A message board has been made so that you can talk to others going on the Annual Gothic Cruise. You can also post for a roommate on our message board. VIEW OUR MESSAGE BOARD ON VAMPIRE RAVE!!

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